Энфорта | Enfort@YourNetwork

Secure, guaranteed quality, easy scalable, reliable virtual private network, based on IP protocol and supporting quality of service, to connect your remote offices to seamless high speed multimedia environment. 

Networking is about linking people so they can work together more efficiently. 

«Enfort@ Your Network» — Enforta’s managed network services enable flexible end-to-end WAN connectivity to harness all parts of your business. 
Interconnect «regionally» located sites (in a county or city) into a company wide network. /

Charges for distance specific connectivity are lower than equivalent national IP services. This makes it ideal for businesses where the location of their offices and sites are within one city or within a country boundary. 


  • Easy to buy, understand and manage.
  • Class of service (CoS) also cuts your connectivity costs, ensuring that you only pay for the bandwidth you need
  • Easy to scale up or down in tune with the needs of your organization
  • Reliability high network uptime keeps you working, on time all the time
  • Enforta takes over the management of your wide area network letting you concentrate on your core activities
  • Fast «turn-key» installation within 4 days.
  • 365 х 24 help desk & 4 hour – time to restore

«Enfort@ Your network» is a managed regional Virtual Private Network IP service that will revolutionize the way you work and help you to become even more competitive.