Энфорта | Enfort@Internet

Wireless broadband internet access for your business.

Internet access is a core service for businesses.
Enforta is committed to delivering solutions that will improve your communications and provide substantial cost savings. Enforta is changing the way your business communications work and delivering quality, future proof internet services with advanced capabilities.

We apply intelligent technologies that understand the applications that you and your business use. We dynamically manage the quality and bandwidth priority your applications need, whether they be voice, data, email, FTP, VPN, video etc. 

«Enfort@ Internet» service provides fast, ‘always on’ Internet access to enable you to be in constant touch with customers, business partners or  family & friends. You get a fast symmetric (up to 2Mbit/s downstream and MKbit/s upstream connection). Fast download times save you time and enable you to receive information faster and cheaper than via a dial-up connection. Low-cost activation and affordable monthly cost regardless of the time spent online. 


  • Fast «turn-key» installation within 4 days
  • 365 х 24  help desk & 4 hour – time to restore
  • Business-grade broadband — there whenever you need it
  • Always on-line connection
  • Symmetric Download and upload at up to 2Mbps
  • Allows several people on your network to connect at the same time
  • Prioritised traffic during busy periods.
  • Includes your own domain name for email and Web
  • Unlimited email addresses — flexible and convenient for all your business needs
    • No terrestrial telecom infrastructure (phone line e.t.c.) is needed to get the service