Энфорта | About us

Enforta, Russian leader of wireless broadband, was founded In October 2003 by a group of telecommunication industry executives with the objective to provide broadband telecommunication solutions based upon wireless and other state-of-the-art technologies in Russia’s regional capitals. 

Fueled by a rapidly growing economy, Russia now ranks as the 11th largest country in terms of Internet users (see http://www.internetworldstats.com/top20.htm). However, broadband Internet penetration remains very low at less than 3% of the population. Enforta’s founders were early to recognize that there were few economic options for providing broadband service in Russia’s regions where the legacy telecommunications infrastructure was just too old to easily accommodate DSL or other ‘wireline’ technologies. Further complicating the economic viability of ‘wireline’ technologies, the projected subscriber densities were too low to justify massive cable investments. The founders observed that there were innovations in wireless and powerline technologies that greatly reduced the cost of deploying broadband service. ‘WiMAX’ (or Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) in particular is a technology that is well suited for Russia’s demographics since it is offers high price performance and can be installed quickly. 

In December 2003 the founders acquired ZAO Prestige Internet which became the legal vehicle in Russia for all activities under the ‘Enforta’ brand. Sumitomo Corporation of Japan was an early investor in the Company.

In January 2005 Enforta acquired OOO Evgenia in Novosibirsk and soon after the Company launched its first wireless broadband services. In October 2005, Sumitomo Corporation expanded their investment in the Company in conjunction with Baring Vostok Capital Partners. The additional investment allowed Enforta to expand its service footprint to 16 cities during 2006. Additionally in 2006, Enforta acquired a 51% share stake in ART Communications, giving the Company access to the two largest markets with a combined population of 16M. (Moscow and St Petersburg) In December 2006 Enforta completed a third round of investment with its shareholder group, plus the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.  The investment is being used to expand services to another six cities during the first half of 2007, with plans to be fully operational in 32 cities by end of 2007. 

Enforta provides the modern small office, home office, or business with all the telecommunication services that they require including: high speed Internet, local and national telephony, email, website hosting, and even dedicated (‘VPN’) service for secure communication to branch offices. Complete service packages including both voice and data services start for as little as $20 per month. 

Name ‘Enforta’ does not mean anything in any language, but rather is derived from the Latin word “forte” (strong) and the English word “enforce”  (to strengthen).
At Enforta we want to ‘strengthen’ our customer’s communications.